The hostels shall maintain the following registers and keep them up-to-date.
i. An admission register showing the date of admission, home address of each boarder, name and relationship and address of a duly authorized guardian.
ii. An attendance register in which the attendance of each boarders should be marked.
iii. A visitor’s book in which the parents or guardians visiting their wards should sign.
iv. An order book in which the superintendent will record all orders.
v. A gate book- The names of the boarders absenting themselves between night fall and 6 A.M. must be entered in it. If the reasons given for absence are not satisfactory, the delinquents will be liable to expulsion from the hostel.
vi. Dak Book
vii. Conduct register in which the name of the boarder will be entered in case of serious misconduct.
viii. Inspection remarks book


1. Admission to the college hostel is usually made in the beginning of the session. Seats are allotted to the students on the basis of merit and conduct. Applications for admission into the college Hostel are made along with application for admission into the college.
2. The superintendent will admit into the hostel only those candidate who bring certificate of admission from the college office.
3. The superintendent may permit a student to stay in the hostel temporarily for not more than 48 hours realizing the amount from him in advance for mess etc. Temporary residence for a longer period requires the sanction of the Principal.
4. A student who has been admitted in to the hostel will be allotted a seat by the superintendent. No student can claim to stay in a particular room or seat as a matter of right.
5. Application for withdrawal should be made by the guardians. No boarder will be permitted to leave the hostel without the previous permission of the superintendent who will ascertain that all dues to the hostel have been paid before leaving.
6. The hostel is closed during the puja and summer vacations. Boarders wishing to remain in the hostel during the vacation for study must obtain special permission from the principal to do so.


The Principal is the final authority in all matters, relating to the hostel. Ordinarily he exercises his control and supervision through the superintendent, who is incharge of the day-to-day administration of the hostel.

The Boarders Management Committee:
The Boarders management committee is exclusively meant for the smooth management of the hostel activities. The committee comprises of the following-
1. The Principal (Chairman)
2. The Hostel Superintendent (Co-ordinator)
3. The Boarders Representatives(Two members from each hostel)
4. All the Advisers of the Administration advisory board.

Administrative Advisory Board for Both Hostels
The Administrative Advisory Board consisting of the following six members with the superintendents as ex-officio members, shall function to extend all kinds of administrative support to the superintendent for smooth running of the hostels. The Board shall sit at least once bimonthly under the chairmanship of the Principal to discuss the materials relating to the management, supervision, finance and administration of the hostels. It can also sit urgently to decide the emergent problems. The senior most staff among the superintendents according to the availability would act as the convener of the Board by the Principal as and when necessary.

Member of the Administrative Advisory Board:
All superintendents (Ex-Officio members)