Baba Bhairabananda a spiritual seer of high order and an ardent devotee of Goddess Chandi Mata, the presiding deity of the locality graced the sacred soil of Odisha in the way back of 1933. Tracing his ancestry in the district of Palli in Rajasthan, Baba Bhairabananda was groomed by his illustrated mentor Swami Girijananda Maharaj, a great seer of Agni Akkhada of Gujarat. The young, dynamic, enthusiastic Bhairabananda was only 21 years old during his visit to Haridaspur, Chandikhole. During the visit with his master Baba Bhairabananda was full of vigor and vitality and ready to drink the nectar of spirituality. During the stay he was mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of verdant Varunabanta hills.

The two sites of spiritual vibration Lord Mahavinayak and Goddess Chandi Mata fascinated him. Very soon he become the torch bearer of the locality. By establishing milestones of peace, progress and prosperity at the end of the grand golden fifty years of his life from 1933 to 1983 he left for his heavenly abode. Baba was a magnetic personality with many god gifted qualities. Baba Bhairabananda added the colorful feather to his glorious life in 1976, by envisaging the birth of an educational institution for the pursuit of higher education and also donated a handsome financial offering for the laying of the grand foundation of this college and thereafter this institution is named as Baba Bhairabananda Mahavidyalaya